What we can offer?

  • We have professional approach regards to the quality of work, task performance, and timelines;
    All operations and works are performed with top-class equipment, quality and proven materials and consumables are used;
    We exercise step-by-step control and self-control of the quality of the work done.

Technical Consulting

We will help you to improve your network performance, to optimize its parameters, and save time and money.

Equipment Installation

We have ready to make installation of your passive and active equipment.

Test and Measurement

Test and measuring optical networks parameters:

  • Link loss
  • Fiber Identification
  • Link Profile 1310/1550/1650nm
  • CWDM Attenuation Profile 1270 – 1610nm
  • Chromatic Dispersion

Design Fiber Optic Network

We can design and optimize your network topology and calculate its main parameters and the best operating mode.

We have solutions for both:

  • your long-distance transmission optical line
  • your wide distribution network

Problem Solving

We will help you to find out and solve critical network problems and weaknesses of your network.