Our Training Courses


(2 days)

Optical communications

During this two-day training course, the students acquire a strong theoretical basis which is useful for their work on an optical network.
We focus on the following important topics:

  • basic concepts and parameters of optical communication systems
  • the principles of operation of the fiber optic communication system and its devices
  • the basic knowledge of measuring the fiber optic network parameters.


(3 days)

Installation, test, and maintenance of fiber optic networks

This three-day course, called “Installation, testing, and maintenance of fiber optical networks”, is the most preferred training format. In addition to strong theoretical piece of knowledge, the students receive a full day of practical exercises.



(2 days)

For people, who successfully graduated from Basic and Standard training courses.

The training course “Advance” upgrades the modules Basic and Standard. For these two days, we set two main goals: to acquire deeper theoretical pieces of knowledge and to begin to understand clearly the discussed topics by providing more examples.
In the last several hours of the training, we will focus on solving frequently appearing problems and finding their solution.
Suitable for those who have passed the Basics and Standard courses.


(3 days)

Installers / Field technicians for fiber optic networks
  • Intended for the training of field technicians involved in building up fiber optic network infrastructure.
  • During the training, the students acquire fundamental technical knowledge and improve their hands-on skills related to the installation of ODFs, wall-mounted boxes, and optical closures.
  • We aim to promote good practice and to reduce to the minimum existing wrong skills.

“Test and measurement”

(2 days)

Theory and Practice

During the training course, the students acquire theoretical good knowledge related to the process of measuring the parameters of optical lines such as optical fiber attenuation, insertion loss, link budget, optical reflection, etc. In the last half-day, the students conduct practical exercises on the topics studied before.
The course significantly improves the good practices in their future work.


(1, 2, 3… days)

To be better…

The course is aimed at improving the practical skills of students.